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5 Ș Fig. 3. Reynolds stress profile for the momentum-dominated jet. region is dominated by the axial component of velocity, the cross-stream flow predominates far away from it (Agrawal & Prasad, 2003). From Eq. (10), limη →∞ (V/Ucl ) = −cm /2η. 053 for the air-air jet). The incremental volume flux can be used to define the entrainment coefficient α (see Turner (1986)): dμ = 2πbUcl α dz where /mu is the volume flux for axisymmetric jet given by: μ= ∞ 0 2πrU (r )dr (11) (12) From (Agrawal & Prasad, 2003), dμ/dz is the incremental volume flux entering the jet through a circular control surface at large r, dμ = lim (−2πrV ) = πbcm Ucl η →∞ dz (13) Eqs.

In addition, the turbulent Schmidt number was shown to depend solely on the ratio of the momentum 4 22 Mass Advanced Topics in MassTransfer Transfer z U cl C cl U b C Centerline (Axis) r z0 Nozzle U 0 ,C 0 Fig. 1. Schematic of turbulent jet geometry. spread rate to the material spread rate. Standard empirical Gaussian expressions for the mean streamwise velocity U and concentration C are substituted into the governing equations of the momentum-dominated regime of a buoyant hydrogen jet, in order to derive a number of turbulent quantities using integral methods.

7 5cm 6 cm Table 1. Forms of jet/plume mean flow variables and their related coefficients. in the horizontal by r. Mostly, the mean centerline velocity Ucl is taken as the velocity scale, and the jet/plume width, denoted by b, is taken as the length scale. g. , 1995)). Note that, F0 = Kd2 U0 gΔρ0 /ρ∞ , K = π/(1 + λ2 ), λ = cm /cc and, Y = QC0 = (π/4)d2 U0 C0 , Q = (π/4)d2 U0 In the above equations, d is the nozzle diameter, cm is spread rate of the momentum. U0 and C0 are, respectively, the vertical velocity and concentration at the inlet.

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