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By Marshall C. Yovits

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committee accountable for the standardization of universal Lisp) and co-developer of the language itself, the hot variation comprises the total textual content of the 1st variation plus six thoroughly new chapters. They disguise: - CLOS, the typical Lisp item process, with new positive factors to aid functionality overloading and object-oriented programming, plus whole technical necessities * Loops, a strong keep an eye on constitution for a number of variables * stipulations, a generalization of the mistake signaling mechanism * sequence and turbines * Plus different topics now not a part of the ANSI criteria yet of curiosity to specialist programmers. all through, you can find clean examples, extra clarifications, warnings, and tips - all offered with the author's well-known energy and wit.

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Hence, features of OclAny are available on each object in every OCL expression, and every class in a UML model inherit all operations defined on OclAny. We highlight two of these operations: • oclIsTypeOf(typespec: OclType): Boolean: evaluates to true if the given object is of the type identified by typespec; • oclIsKindOf(typespec: OclType): Boolean: evaluates to true if the object is of the type identified by typespec or one of its subtypes. We exemplify these operations as follows. The first one evaluates to true if we have an instance of SalesOrder and ask whether it is an instance of SalesOrder.

8 using a description logic syntax. 1) as a specialization of Thing (T), since classes in OWL are specializations of the reserved class Thing. 2). 3). 4). The description of the class CanSalesOrder is analogous. 6). 7). 3 ONTOLOGY FOUNDATIONS THE ONTOLOGY WEB LANGUAGE The language and reasoning paradigm that has been predominantly used and researched is the family of description logic languages covered by the W3C recommendation Web Ontology Language (OWL) [61]. Description logic languages allow for capturing the schema in the “terminological box” (T-Box) and the objects and their relationships in the “assertional box” (A-Box).

Thus, a system can have multiple models depending on the viewpoint. 2). Notice that Favre specifies the notion of a model as a relation to the system because a system can play the role of a model. For example, a Java program can be a model of a system and can also serve as a system for a UML model of the Java program. 2 Metamodels While models describe a specific abstraction of reality, metamodels are models of languages used to define models [44, 145]. 3). , a model conforms to its metamodel. Metamodel-based approaches are based on a staged architecture of models and metamodels, where the structure of lower level models is defined by higher level metamodels.

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