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The tale of a Captured WWII B-29  Airman looking forward to Trial and Execution by way of the japanese as an American struggle felony What Others Say   “Prison Camp Omori might be noticeable at the shore of Tokyo Bay. these are our boys! pass get them! ” (Halsey’s rescue orders to Stassen and Simpson.

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It used to be it sounds as if a mere occasion while a couple of Marine planes flew right into a muddy airfield at Tacloban at the island of Leyte within the Philippines on three December 1944. throughout them have been the weather of the large U. S. military invasion which had started on 20 October. Seven infantry divisions and 6 military Air strength (AAF) air teams ruled the island scene.

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10 By early November, the King’s forces were at Oxford and advanced on Reading. Essex’s army was still in the Midlands. News of the situation reached London. 11 Overtures for peace then went between Parliament and the King. These came to nothing. Prince Rupert, the King’s nephew, believed that the King had many supporters in London and a march on the capital would result in a speedy victory there. But London was not undefended. The London Trained Bands, under the command of the City, were the only semi-professional body of armed men in the country.

Londoners had been divided in their allegiances in 1450. Some shared the rebels’ grievances and joined them, at least temporarily. The authorities, once the King left, were in a quandary: they were instinctively opposed to the rebellion but unsure how to deal with the threat. Once violence erupted in the streets in a drunken orgy, they were able to rally the populace and, under military guidance, defeat the rebels in open battle. Sir Thomas Wyatt’s Rising 1554 The sixteenth century was no less a time of turmoil than previous epochs.

The English Civil War 1642 The reigns of Mary’s successors, Elizabeth I (1558—1603) and James I (1603—1625) saw less political and religious upheaval, and though there was an attempted coup by the Earl of Essex in 1601 against the elderly Queen, this had little support and soon petered out. However, James’s son and successor, Charles I (1625—1649) lacked the political wisdom of his two predecessors. All the attacks on and in London mentioned so far have been by forces antipathetic to the status quo, but in the autumn of 1642 it was the King’s troops that were planning to march on London, not those of the rebels.

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