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Examines the indications, motives, and results of Alzheimer's illness and different dementias and demonstrates how a number of remedies impact the mind to aid deal with those disorders...Title: .Alzheimer's disorder And different Dementias..Author: .Lillrank, sonja M., M.d./ Collins, Christine Collins, Ph.d. (EDT)/ Levitt, Pat (FRW)..Publisher: .Facts on File..Publication Date: .2007/01/01..Number of Pages: .118..Binding sort: .LIBRARY..Library of Congress: .2006010414

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As areas in the brain become smaller, cavities form in the brain, fill with fluid, and become enlarged. This can be seen in diagnostic imaging studies of the brain like MRI or CT scans. To make a definite diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, a doctor would need to take a piece of the patient’s brain and study it. It is impossible to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease with 100-percent certainty without looking at brain tissue under a microscope. Because it is too dangerous to take a sample of brain tissue from a living person for an illness that has no cure, doctors instead make a probable diagnosis based on the patient’s symptoms over time.

For example, a person might not be able to comb his or her hair, salute, wave good-bye, or brush the teeth when asked to mimic this behavior. AGNOSIA In agnosia, patients are unable to recognize or identify objects through touch even though their sensory functions are intact. For example, a person might not be able to recognize an object like a coin or a key by just feeling it with his or her hand. Instead, he or she needs to look at it to be able to recognize it. EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING Impaired executive functioning refers to intellectual malfunctioning of activities, which are coordinated in the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

All this activity requires lots of energy, which the neuron receives through blood vessels as glucose and oxygen. For a healthy lifespan a neuron, which can live up to 100 years old, also needs to be able to repair and remove waste products. Damage to neurons can contribute to dementia. 33 34 Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias DEMENTIA AFFECTS DIFFERENT REGIONS OF THE BRAIN The human brain is divided into two cerebral hemispheres, the cerebellum, and the brain stem. The cerebral hemispheres are connected by a structure called the corpus callosum, which allows the left and the right side of the brain to communicate.

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