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Meniscal tears are associated with 50–70% of acute ACL ruptures. The lateral meniscus is the most commonly affected with the initial injury; however the presence of a haemarthrosis offers a good environment for the lateral meniscus to heal. The abnormal loading and shear stresses in an anterior-cruciate-deficient knee may later lead to a tear of the medial meniscus, owing to its firm attachment to the joint capsule. XIII. e. a plane parallel to the median plane of the body. 13 XIV. The medial malleolus articulates with the medial surface of the talus.

V. Gastrocnemius is the most superficial muscle of the posterior (flexor) compartment of the leg. The medial head is the larger of the two. Rarely, a third (popliteal) head may be present. VI. Gastrocnemius is innervated by the tibial nerve (S1,2). Chapter 2: Limbs and vertebral column answers VII. Popliteus ‘unlocks’ the knee by rotating the tibia medially on the femur or, if the foot is planted, rotating the femur laterally on the tibia. VIII. The lymphatic drainage of the lower limb accompanies the venous drainage and so is divided into superficial and deep pathways.

2 Friedrich Trendelenburg (1844–1924), German surgeon. 3 William Morrant Baker (1839–1896), British surgeon. 45 3 Thorax questions Question 1 Scenario: You are the surgical senior house officer on a cardiothoracic firm. A patient has a pneumothorax which requires decompression with a surgical chest drain. 1: I. What is structure A? II. What is structure B, and with what does it articulate? III. What is structure C? IV. What is structure D, and what does it articulate? V. In what order do the contents of the intercostal neurovascular bundle run?

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